Liperus Insulation | Services
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Fire Insulation

It is an essential duty for a ship owner to protect passengers and everyone on board. Taking all possible safety precautions against fire is a vital step that can save many lives. We have extensive experience in providing fire insulation services, making sure that your boat is protected from fire. By using professional fire-resistant insulation products, we are capable to offer highly efficient fire protection services. By thoroughly examining and evaluating the riskiest areas, we step in to reduce the risk of fire. In a case of emergency, when properly insulated, the fire can be contained in a particular area without spreading further.

Sound Insulation

Addressing sound and noise issues should be a major priority in order to increase the comfort and satisfaction level of passengers and entire team on board. Therefore, proper sound insulation is necessary to ensure the acoustic control and comfortable transportation of passengers. Many years of experience in the marine industry allows us to offer great sound absorption solutions for our clients. Whether it is a commercial boat or a luxury vessel, we are capable of providing sound insulation solutions, meeting the highest quality standards of sound proofing.

Cabin and Alleyway Installation

In addition to providing efficient marine sound and fire proofing solutions, we can also take care of the installation works of your boat’s cabins and corridors. We take into consideration every customer’s wish and make sure that the expectations are met up to the smallest detail. Our strict quality control system ensures that each project is finished according to the criteria and on time. The cabins we design and manufacture are fire safe, with a high level of acoustic insulation, ensuring the maximum level of comfort and safety on board. If you have boat cabins that need to be renovated, we will make sure they meet the highest standards of modern day shipbuilding. Refurbishment works include renovation of the cabins, alleyways and bathrooms.

If you are interested to learn more about our services or would like to get a proposal for your project, do not hesitate to contact us!